Free Classifieds Ads Directory Feature Benefits

Mar 08, 2018
Interclassify is a fully responsive website compatible with all devices. The site comes complete with a set of innovative features that offer phenomenal benefits to buyers and sellers. These include the following:
The testimonials feature gives customers the ability to share their feedback with others on the home page.
Membership Packages
Membership packages give customers’ access to a choice of membership plans and to create an account and profile with contact details, photos etc and the ability to upgrade to featured accounts.
Search by Distance
Searching for ads within a specific radius based on a zip or post code allows customers to immediately get search results within their location.
Listing Preview
Interclassify enables advertisers to preview and edit their listing ads before they are published on the site.
Currency Converter
The sites currency converter shows prices on the site in a currency selected by the customer and offers more than sixty world currencies.
The booking option enables customers to display the availability of their ads on a calendar and set rate ranges for a particular time period.
Facebook Connect
This enables Facebook customers to easily create accounts on the site using their Facebook details without having to go through registration.
Search for Ads
The site offers quick and advanced search for ads of available listing types.
Refine Search
This is a set of search fields displayed in a sidebar along with search results and allows customers to narrow down search results by a particular criterion.
Featured Ads
This offers advertisers the opportunity to have their ads highlighted and shown at the top of standard listings.
Posting Ads in Steps
Posting ads is divided into clear steps displayed on separate pages to avoid confusion and omission of important data.
List and Gallery Look
This is a visual convenience for customers allowing them to choose if they want to browse ads in categories and search results as a list or as a gallery.
Compare Listings
This feature allows customers to easily add and compare a few ads in a table when browsing ad details.
Rating Ads
This is a simple and time-tested way for customers to evaluate ads in terms of fullness, multimedia uploaded, wording and other aspects.
Print Version
This a printable light page with the most important information about a listing: a main picture and description including seller details.
Multimedia Uploads
Apart from adding description to ads sellers are also able to upload photos and videos to give more visual information to potential buyers.
Saved Search
If a customer did not find anything on the site they can save their search criteria and get an email notification later once a matching ad is added.
Filtering by Location
A much needed feature that allows customers to filter ads on the site based on countries, regions and cities saving them a lot of time.
Google Maps
A powerful tool from Google enabled for every listing and showing ads and values of location-related fields on the Maps.
Amenities on Google Maps
This is a small add-on from Google that allows customers to easily find nearby amenities like hotels, hospitals, cafes etc on the Google Maps.
Multilingual Interface
With ten languages and values of dropdowns translated into other languages customers can use the website more effectively.
Ads in PDF Format
This enables the ability to export ads to PDF format and is another useful feature, which makes sharing, emailing and storing ads more convenient.
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