Weighing scales for sale in Kampala Uganda

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Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd are recognized as one of the foremost , Suppliers, Traders and Wholesalers of impeccable range of weighing scales such as; Whole sale scales, Baby weighing scales, Mini palm weighing scales, Industrial platforms weighing scales, assorted weighing brands including Avery, Salter, Health ( height and weight )weighing scales, Precision balance scales, Analytical/Laboratory weighing scales, Grain Moisture meters like sinar and draminski, Temperature gauges, Pallet trolleys, kitchen weighing scales, Animal weighing scales, Bag closers-stitching machine, Plastic bag sealers, Plastic foot sealers, Batch sealers, Table top weighing scales, Counter/shop weighing scales, Barcode readers/printer, Waterproof weighing scales, Axle weigh bridges, Mini and full Weigh bridges among others. 
Thank you for giving Eagle Weighing Systems Ltd  the privilege to serve you
For any further inquiries, mail or contact us
Address: Wandegeya University Plaza Room A18
For orders and deliveries please contact us on : +256 (0) 700225423
+256 (0) 787089315
Or email us at;eagleweighingsystems@gmail.com 
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